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Image by Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi

Ayurvedic Facial

Image by Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi

Lifestyle treatment Services

Ayurvedic Pinda Sweda

Living connected to Nature

Every ayurvedic treatment is of the earth. We do not use any chemicals. Our treatments are made up of herbs & plants, food & environment, yoga breath & meditation, everything we do is our medicine. Nature and the natural way are our healers.

Awareness recognises the rhythm of the earth and the energies of the day.

Awareness is invited into our presence to discover, how these energies and planetary elements (doshas), interact and govern our habits and our beings.

Ayurveda is a pure love in all action of life.


Ayurvedic Treatments

Our aim is to return your body to homeostasis. 

2-4 treatments per day inc. in your package

+ personalised yoga & mediation


Full body massage:

Traditional Abhyanga is very relaxing.

We use long flowing downward effleurage stroke, with medicated oil, in a sequence determined by your imbalanced dosha. This is followed up by medicated steam treatment, also dosha balancing dependant.

It prepares your body to eliminate the build-up of toxins & Arma in your system. This aids us in preparing the body for other treatments.


We may choose to adapt the traditional style, flow towards the heart or to include other healing modalities or treatments depending on your imbalanced dosha & the body's needs, often assessed during consultation.

This can include Marma stimulation, rebalancing or releasing (sometimes painful) or different strokes to loosen joints, shoulders & move energy. There may also be deep tissue work performed. 

This massage promotes:

Healing/prevention of the nervous system disorders, strengthening immune system, reduces fatigue & stress, promotes sleep, skin becomes soft and deeply nourished.

Retail price includes herbal dosha balancing oil & steam.

RP $200 – 1.5 hours

Included in your package.

Ayurvedic Facials


A natural way to restore and revitalise your face. This means there are no chemicals, and we use herbs, oils, steam and clays to give your skin a natural glow and ayurvedic balance. You also receive a full head and facial massage which stimulates the Marma points and brings balance and alignment to the energy centres of the body.

RP $160 – 45 minutes

A unique ayurvedic treatment in which warm medicated oil is continuously streamed over the forehead.

This treatment is extremely grounding and helps the element of Vata to relax reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, migraine, The oil is soothing for the skin and will help to slow the ageing process, strengthens the overall physical constitution of the individual, mind, body and spirit healing.

The treatment is preformed over numerous days in some conditions, Alignment & presences can be felt in awareness after the treatment.

60 minutes R.P initial treatment $190, following treatments $150. Includes treatment and oil.


This treatment focus' on excretion of heavy elements from the body. As whatever we put in our nose is felt by our brain. A specially formulated herbal oil is applied through the nose, after a facial massage and steam treatment. Nasya is highly beneficial in sinuses, congestion, prevents wrinkles, headaches, eye disease, infertility and psychological disorder.

R.P $115 – 30-45 minutes

Nadi Sveda

A herb infused steam bath made specifically to balance your dosha, it follows on from a traditional abhyanga (massage). 

It is excellent after kati basti, oil bath on the lower back to relieve back pain and sciatica. Nadi Sveda has proved beneficial in PMS, endometriosis, stiff joints, tense muscles and arthritis.

R.P $55 – 20 minutes



A treatment is used to reduce body fat & cellulite. It is recommended for specific conditions and dosha imbalances. We use herbs to target conditions present and create a dry powder that is applied using specific techniques, to a localised area, or entire body.  This form of love improves the circulatory system, aiding the metabolic activity.  Revitalising the sense of touch, it tones skin and muscle, promoting good complexion.

As with most of our treatments Udvartana is best performed on a daily basis of at least 7 sessions.

Sandalwood, liquorice & Sarvia are used to enhance glow of complexion before a wedding in India.

R.P 90 minutes – $220

Pinda Sweda


& Marma massage

Kati Vasti

Janu Vasti

Hridaya Vasti

Griva Vasti

There are many herb, rice, sand, milk, fruit & oil concoctions used to make these balls of goodness, (Pinda's). And we use those selections specifically to bring your doshas back into balance and have your skin, looking and feeling amazing. I've watched this occur. The pressure of the balls, the selection of stroke, the potency & preparation of the mixture, the oil or milk, along with the love of the practitioner make this experience, something special.

  • Jambeera Pinda Sveda - reduces inflamation, stiffness, muscle spasm and ligament strains, joint pains and is great for overall rejuvenation.

  • Patra Pinda Sveda - Osteoarthritis as it strengthens soft tissue, joints and muscles. Great for treating frozen shoulder. 

  • Ruksha Churna Pinda Sveda - draws out Ama, anti-inflammatory treatment

  • Churna Pinda - ruksha sveda (drying) helpful for swelling & Sciatica

  • Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda - Nourishing, strengthening, revitalising, helpful with depleting muscles.

Concoctions can take 1.hours to prepare, experience time varies depending on requirements.

R.P $200

Massage targeting the head, neck and shoulders using Ayurvedic oils, herbs treatments may also be applied.

$95 – 45 minutes

A localised treatment of warm medicated oil, applied lovingly. It heals through heat by to improve blood flow, reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Great for balancing Vata Dosha, 

Typically treatment is followed by Nadi Sveda, localised steam treatment.

  • Kati basti - lower back - improves sciatica, digestion, menstruation complaints, joint problems, relieves spinal problems & calms the mind

  • Janu Basti: located on the knee.

  • Hridaya Basti: placed on the heart. Works to improve the functioning of the heart.

  • Griva Basti: placed on the upper portion of the back and neck.

  • Kati Basti: placed on the lower back.

R.P initial treatment $170, $150 follow ups

Time – 1 hour

For Janu Basti, if the treatment is on both knees the cost will be $260 for the duration of 1.5 hours.

Akshi Tarpana

This is a medicated Ghee eye treatment that nourishes and strengthens the eye. Gentle face and head massage is also recommended with this treatment. The conditions we find it helpful for is:

  • for healthy person (protect/ prevent degeneration)

  • dryness of the eye

  • squint

  • falling of eye lashes

  • ophthalmological conditions

  • optic nerve atrophy

  • eye strain (computer work, air condition)

  • macular degeneration

  • drooping of eye lid

Best treatment result is achieved with a course of 7-14 days

R.P $120

Marma massage


These energy centres are the merging points of our veins, tendons, muscles, & bones. They are sacred places in the body and when stimulated correctly they provide a balancing and healing effect throughout, allowing prana to flow through the body as intended. Marma points serve as a bridge between the body, mind and soul. We can use this points to balance your main chakras also.

Marma therapy is useful in the treatment of:

  • Pain

  • Detoxification

  • Improving digestion

  • Calming the mind and balancing emotions

  • Enhancing awareness

  • Preventative care and rejuvenation

  • Insomnia/anxiety

R.P $195 – 1.5 hours​​

R.P $125 – 45 minutes


This is a herbal enema used to balance Vata, its aids us in the remove toxins and nourish every tissue in the body. It service in purpose for many conditions, such as:

  • Mental & neurological disorders

  • Backpain/Sciatica

  • Arthritis

  • infertility

  • Constepation

  • Improving digestion & elimination

  • Insomnia/anxiety

R.P $125

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