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Sat Nam,

Dawn till dust, we are with you, supporting you with these lifestyle changes.

We shop with you, or for you! Pampering and aligning you with ayurvedic treatments, through your mini retreat, yoga/meditation and lifestyle advice, food preparation & meals, all in your own home!

We come to you so the changes stick. It's not all pamper and relaxation! Sometimes there's tears, unexpressed emotions, pain, even strange tastes in the mouth. It's all a part of healing and alignment & we support you in that! Leaving you with something tangible you can continue on your own.

Our Lifestyle Packages


Lifestyle Reset

- One day -

  1.  Dawn till Dusk Experience

  2. Lifestyle Consultation      + 8 fold body examination

  3. Day food shopping list

  4. Dinacharya (daily regiment)

  5. Yoga & Mediation

  6.  2-3 Ayurvedic treatments

  7. Intuitive integration advice

* Shopping/cooking experience 

* Additional aftercare follow up

* Aftercare treatments

* Seasonal Adjustment diet & routine



Balanced Being

- Two days -

  1. Lifestyle consultation                   + examination

  2.  Two day food shopping list

  3. 7 day post meal plan - balance your doshas -

  4. 2-4 ayurvedic treatments per day

  5. Daily Dhinacharya

  6. Personalised yoga & meditation

  7. intuitive healing and integration

  8. Aftercare follow up (Skype/Zoom)

* Shopping/cooking experience 

* Additional aftercare follow up

* Aftercare treatments

* Seasonal Adjustment diet & routine



Self-love immersion

- Three days -

  1. Lifestyle consultation + examination

  2. Three days of meal prep & shopping experience

  3. 7 day post meal plan - to balance your current dosha imbalance.

  4. 2-4 ayurvedic treatments per     day

  5. Personalised yoga & meditation

  6. Intuitive healing experience

  7. Daily Dhinacharya you can continue after our experience.

  8. Intergration 

  9. Aftercare follow up (Skype/Zoom)


* Aftercare treatments

* Seasonal Adjustment diet & routine

**Flights and travel costs may be added to your package experience

Our Lifestyle Package Treatments

The experience we create for you, is all about balance.

We are born with a dominant energy constitution (dosha), everything you do affects this balance of energy. 

We realign you with your constitution energy by utilising the following services:

  • Full Dhynacharia (daily regiment/routine)

learn how to use the days energies to get the most out of life.

Daily routine designed to balance your energy (Vikriti/Prakriti) - with the season & time of the day.

This helps you to build a deeper connection with your body, maximising & honouring its effectiveness & efficacy.

Creating a greater awareness to drive better results, achievements, health and wellbeing.

In balance, your energy levels restore, leaving you full of energy, feeling lighter, brighter & clearer.

  • Lifestyle Consultation

Nutrition & diet

8 fold examination

Tongue & face analysis

Paulse examination

Marma points stimulation & release

A lot can come from these consultations; your body has a way of communicating your imbalances at a depth not often explored. We also spend quality time, holding space to explore whatever arises during your consultation.

  • Yoga Kriya practice - including Breathwork & Meditation

Designed specifically for your Vakriti (energy imbalance).

Seetal has 6 years’ experience teaching various styles of yoga. Three of those years, have been spent with daily practice of Kundalini and internationally recognised certification.

As part of your experience, you have full access to her embodied knowledge.

  • Post experience Food plan

Once the meals are no longer being prepared for you, we provide you with a 7-day dosha balancing meal plan. This will help your body adjust to the specific treatments we have provided you and ease you on to the path of health and wellness.

After our shopping experience, finding your produce in your local area, will be a breeze.

As your energy aligns with your constitution, your meals will need to change to keep you balanced with the seasons.

  • Shodhana (dosha eliminating treatment)

  • There are several treatments we can utilise here to bring your body back into balance. The over-all experience is designed to relax the body, mind & soul. Some therapies, like intuitive healing and deep inner work, may provide brief moments of pain, to gain a release of blocked or stagnant energy.

  • We select two-three of the following treatments depending on your dosha imbalances and requirements:

    • Abhyanga

    • Marma stimulation & activation, alignment & healing – balancing Chakra to heal the body

    • Ayurvedic facial

    • Head & Marma massage

    • Foot reflexology & Marma alignment and stimulation

    • Shirdhara

    • Pinda Sweda

    • Swedana therapies

    • Nasya (nose oilliation) & Karnapurana (Oil in ear)

    • And internal and external vasti treatment

These ancient and miraculous, rituals involve mantra and purification of the body through the elimination of blockages and heavier energies. We must believe in magic to see it in practice. Here we provide you the opportunity to witness your body change, through olation and elimination. A combination of the above-mentioned treatments, will be hand selected in the initial consultation and imbalance diagnostic. For you to experience a deeper connection and greater love of your being.

Our mission, is to keep you well! And help you sustain daily practise that will algin you with a quality way of being.





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