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Crossing the River

Find Balance

with Seetal Deva

Our intention is to open your awareness to the practices and teachings of Ayurvedic medicine.

Reconnect to nature & your natural way.

To receive an offering at our Coolum Beach location - click the link above "our offerings"

We recommend a ayurvedic consultation before selecting any of our treatments.

In the old paradigm, we make and attend appointments – Chiro, Physio, Dr, Gym

A separate location, a different business, a different person, keeping you on the road & busy.

As you communicate your story to each of them, you, re-energies your belief, often keeping you trapped in that limitation of what's "wrong" with you.

From dawn till dusk, we are with you. Aiding your journey & assisting your adjust to these lifestyle changes. While sharing the wisdom embodied through our practices.


Your personalised health retreat: starts with a discovery call, so we can tailor make a program specifically to align your dosha imbalances through ayurvedic assessment.

We use our knowledge of yoga, meditation & ayurveda diet, lifestyle & treatments, to create an experience of alignment to your specific requirements. Aiding you to shift limiting belief, physical pain through clairsentient experience.

What if you could get all of that, in one day, in your own home?

Be guided to find your knowing & your flow

Unleash Your Best

Introduction to Abhyanga Mobile Massage

Our Offerings

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Seetal Deva Kaur

“Courage is the action of Love.

Cultivate the good & the true. Purify your heart,

in the discipline of self-loving service."

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