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The Journey

A Chy Story

- A yoga that goes beyond Asana and into the balance of life. -

The work in progress, the journey the story of the being & the brand.


To unmask authentic truth, one must be broken. Stripped to the very core of belief itself. Beliefs, these are the structures that create the reality we see before us.

​Yoga helps to strip us to the core, to find what beliefs are governing our reality. Through awareness, it can prevent unconscious manifestation, through major life events, to show us in the physical.


​It brings awareness to our patterning’s and to our stories

​– the ones we tell that involve, “always” & “never”. -

​The stories commit us to the character of our choosing and form friendships/relationships that validate that persona.

Think about your life, your friendships, your conversations.

Ask yourself:

Are you aware of the story of your life? Is it telling the story you want? Are you limiting yourself? Are you happy? If not, what happened to your spirit?

​– We are not governed by our past mistakes, (miss-takes) however, we are by the belief that we hold about them. Are you reinforcing a reality that serves your highest potential? -

​Yoga connects us to the body, the vestal, our breath, the very gift and deepest connection to the creator, to this reality and existence in which we live.


It helps to show us the parts of ourselves we have been told are unwanted, aren’t “good” & thus have tried to mask or hide from our existence. In harmony, all elements exist together, without destroying one another. With an unbalanced belief system, we create “our” shadows.

​Once we have worked through a shadow aspect in full awareness, we become unreactive in the presence of that energy and naturally (without effort) are able to offer love, kindness, compassion and empathy.

If we remain unbalanced, we become ill.

Everything we say the subconscious mind thinks we are talking about ourselves.

The state of unrest causes .


In the shadow, your projecting unconscious energy and reacting to it as it comes back to you - pattern. 

How do we bring light to unconscious energy:

YOGA!!! - it is the easiest way, as it does not ask the mind for the answers.


In one minute, we can change a situation by the conscious choice of action, laughter is the best way!

In truth all objects are yours, in sadness we believe objects are out of reach. Everything in life is obtainable, the universe will always deliver, its our job not to mistake our opportunities. And if we do, we bring full awareness to our choices, process what needs to move through us & make fun of the lessons and the journey.

"All objects are yours; every objective will subject you"

- Yogi Bhajan -

I have been broken, I have been tested, I have stumbled, I have fallen and seen how much further one can go, I have lived only, to started again.’


This life is the journey and yoga has been my contemplation and practice since 2018. Every day, I am living the experience, through yoga & applied practice. To gain greater awareness.

​In 2017, I brought a one-way ticket to Thailand to fall in love with myself again. The struggle of my mind was great, coupled with loss, life felt overwhelming, stressful, painful & a challenge (The road of suffering). The energy of love followed me on this journey, gently pushing me in each step and direction.

​Burma/Myanmar 10day vipassana, the sit I didn’t finish, this showed me how much the mind controlled the outcome and how I was not ready to face fear.

Connection Holistics Yoga began in Switzerland in 2018, in the town of Zug. The ability to see suffering in the body’s of people and help them to shift through it, was recognised there, before traveling to India and completing my first 200hr teacher training.

Answering the calling in 2020, I began a diploma in Ayurveda to deepen my understanding of balance within.


​In 2022 I received the Name Seetal Deva Kaur as part of my Kundalini Yoga teacher training. Seetal refers to one who is calm and peaceful. Deva is one who is angelic or divine, free of any limits, bringing balance to heaven and earth.

It is my journey to share these experiences with you, the lessons (the ones I’m still working on) & the embodied wisdom (the ones I’ve shifted through) with a grounded, a down to earth, fun, yoga practice.


If this resonates with you, I would love to welcome you, just as you are!

Come connect, join in union of community, laugh, cry, have fun and let’s walk together for some of the journey!

With Warmth

Seetal Deva Kaur

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